Time, Space and Their Importance


Life, Love and Relationships

With each passing day I tend to really think about life and relationships. I know that in the hustle and bustle of day to day living, the importance of our time and space can get out of focus. We all have so much to do and so little time to do it. This is true for almost everyone I know. Have you ever had an event in your life that reminded you of the value of time and space? For example, the loss of a loved one or the dissolution of a relationship.  If you have not, I have some bad news. One of those days is on the way. You see, i’m inviting you in to a personal evaluation of how I spend my time and how I use my space. More importantly, who do I spend it with and who I allow around me as well.

banner-1050603_1920A Desire To Be Better

I must admit that I am focusing on one specific goal in particular. My goal in this is to become better relationally, but that first requires that I be aware of the opportunities and their significance. It is both concepts and not just one. They are bound together and I cannot separate myself from either. When I begin to look at time and space in the context of relationships the context changes everything. Shouldn’t the context of relationships change everything? Shouldn’t the time and space we share and partake of in relationships change how we look at time and space?

nails-1420329_1920Special Relationships

Why mention all of this? Because, just like you I have been a part of some very special relationships. We all at some point want to do more than just think about them. So I wanted to take a moment to share and remind myself at the same time how awesome it is struck be with and know some extraordinary people. I want you to understand me clearly, I don’t consider what people have gained or acquired in terms of material possessions to see them extraordinary people. While this may make them popular in our culture, but fame does not make one extraordinary in a personal sense.  Sorry, I don’t and furthermore you shouldn’t either (I’m not telling you what to do, but consider this a significant suggestion). When I think of the time, space and relationships. It is relationships that add quality to my time and space.

books-1245690_1920Let This Be A Reminder

I write this as a reminder so we (you &me) won’t lose sight of what’s important. Understanding that every relationship in your time and space is not a perfect one. Also realizing there is a part of the relationship you don’t control but there is a part that you do control. We should seek to do our best in the parts where we have an opportunity. Why is this important? Because, in every relationship where you spend time and  space, you have the opportunity to influence or be influenced, inspire or be inspired to love and/or be loved, to trust and/or be trusted, to forgive and/or be forgiven.

Choose To Be An Extraordinary Person

I say all of this to say, we have a limited amount of time and space we can occupy at one time is limited too. But within the time and space you’ve been given you can be an extraordinarily significant person in someone else’s time and space. So make certain that the time and space you share with people is something you don’t take for granted. Learn to see your relationships as the collateral that extraordinary people trade upon. You can do this by valuing their time and space that they spend with you.

There is a great quote that says “You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back


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