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Play The Long Game

There are two types of games in life just like in some sports. There is the short game and the long game. For example, golf is a game that involves the long and short game. The short game, which many avid golfers consider to be the most crucial part of the sport is where the scoring happens.


“The long game is all about skill”

However, in a game like billiards, the long game is all about the skill level of the player. It does not take a lot of skill to be able to knock a ball in the pocket when it is close. On the other hand, the more distance between the ball and the hole requires more skill increasingly.



 In a telephone conversation with a friend, I was compelled to share this concept with him when he was telling me about a discussion with his co-workers. I had to say to him “You had better start playing the long game.” Naturally, he was puzzled by my response and wanted to know just what I was trying to say to him.

Here is the scenario… A 40-year-old guy is having a conversation with three other male co-workers that are least 15 years his senior. The discussion involved negative commentary about other co-workers. For all I know, this could be common among his co-workers. However, I explained that he had no place in that conversation; I did not say this on the sole basis of the content of the discussion. Although, not gossipping about co-workers is a good policy I was aiming at something different.

Do you see the age difference between my friend and his coworkers? Everything I’m about to tell you can find within their difference of age. Why? It is my opinion that age should impact perspective. The point I wanted to make to my friend is there is no way he should have the same outlook as his co-workers. Here is why. In 15 years there is a high probability that the men that he was having a discussion will be retired or very close to doing so. He, on the other hand, will most likely not be withdrawn from work.

“Do not just accept someone else’s view of life just because of proximity”

Here is the takeaway.Do not just accept someone else’s view of life just because of proximity. Just because we are close geographically does not mean we are not miles apart socially, emotionally, spiritually and perspectively. At 40 his view of life has to be different; otherwise, he runs the risk of cutting off 15 years of potential because he took a shortcut in perspective.

The key to the long game is having the right perspective over a long distance (time).

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