Episode 3 – The Keys to Impactful Living

The Keys to Impactful Living is episode 3 of The Morning Light Podcast. TML is a weekly podcast posted every Monday. The goal is to jump-start our week with a different perspective.

In today’s episode of The Morning Light, we explore the elements of impactful living. Everyone will have an impact on someone, but will it be good, unfortunate, or merely accidental. The thought for this week really came from a funeral some months ago. As I sat there and listened to all of the people, one person was able to have a meaningful impact on so many lives. I wanted to know what did it take to accomplish that way of living in my own life. What would I have to incorporate? Today, we look at four elements. I believe that help all of us get started on the path to an impactful life.

At a funeral is where this segment originated. I was sitting there wondering how a person did so much and still had time for their career, family, hobbies, and everything else in a healthy life. Although the individual had a full load, they made an impact. So the question for me was, how? Then, what is stopping me from having a similar effect? The difference between the young lady’s life and mine is she was intentional. Each story about her highlighted to me a specific effort and attitude toward helping people. I believe the four elements in today’s thought can help all of us.

Quotes to Remember

“People will hear your voice but they will feel your attitude” –John Maxwell 

“Intention good or bad is not enough” – Dr. Fred Dwyer

“Take massive action toward a decision” – Tony Robbins

Bonus Material (Acrostic)

I – Imagination – Think outside of the box or build a new box altogether

M – Memorable – Make having a lasting effect your goal

P – Passionate – If you do it, love it, and be on fire about it

A – Awareness – Be both self-aware and situationally aware

C – Considerate – Be considerate (for more on this listen to last weeks podcast here)

T – Transformational – Be a maturing change agent

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