Day Break

The dawning of a new day always brings new hope and good feelings. The new day is subject to mixed reviews. The new day symbolizes change. We should feel hopeful and be hope filled when we see the sun start to rise on a new day. While a time clock will tell us differently the rising of the sun is most often when we know a new day has begun.

I felt this way too, but I don’t anymore. I started to examine more closely the dawning of a new day. I began by examining the night before the new day. What I learned is this…When darkness falls, it is present until the light of the new day reveals itself. We understand clearly that when the light of new day arrives, it marks for us a new day but in reality, it is only a symbol of a new day. You see between 9pm and 11.59pm on the day before, it’s dark and we are ok with that since that is the cycle of the days. But something happens between 12:00am and 3:00am of the new day. It actually gets progressively darker during that period of time.

Here’s the takeaway, the darkest part of any night is the beginning of a new day. So don’t way until daybreak to celebrate,  learn to celebrate even at the darkest moment because the darkest point in our situation is the mark of a new day, it is the symbol that day light is on the way. The darkest point marks the beginning of something new, not the ultimate end. So don’t quit because its been dark for a while and you don’t see daylight. Know this, when things seem the darkest it is the beginning stages of the light breaking thru.

For dark nights will come, but remember that when the night is at  its darkest point it only looks like the experience of yesterday but the truth of the matter is a new day has come. The darkest point in the night is the sole possession of the new day.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

“weeping may endure for a night……….but joy”
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