The Amazing Way Money Can Change Your Life

The Change Your Life Money

“Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant”(P.T.Barnum) comes to mind when I reflect on a recent conversation with a co-worker. The discussion centered around career advancement and promotions. * Let me say at the outset, if your thoughts are similar to that of my co-worker, it is fine. I am simply looking at this from a different perspective.** In this conversation, I believe I irritated her,  when she made mention of a position she was after. The pay grade would be higher than her current, and would give her a higher pay range versus the current scale. This is a good thing, however this is where things got sticky, and for the sake of this post I will call her LT. I asked LT, “How much more money would the pay grade give you?”. Her response, ” It would be close to a ?k a year bump, and that would be a good bump”. EH “Is that gross or net?” LT,”Gross! You don’t think that is good?” And this is where I gave her the blank stare…

“Is This a Job You Really Want?”

I would go on to ask her, “Is this a job you really want to do, or is it the pay you’re after?”. LT, ” I do not really want the job itself, but the pay raise is what I want.”  EH “So..Let me ask you this, Is the money you will make from this new position, change your life money?”(blank stare) LT, ” I am not sure what you are asking me.” How does the money from this position or  position itself change your life? What will it allow you to do or have that you would not be able to without it? Furthermore, will it be worth it?   If the new job makes you miserable, in the end would the money be worth the misery? Again, is this change your life money? Is it enough money where you would do without happiness and containment for the sake of a few more dollars after taxes? 

As a Man Think in His heart…

What is “Change Your Life Money”? It is the kind of money that allows you to change where you live, what you drive, where you vacation and how often you vacation. It is the kind of money that can justify the changes that may be necessary to adjust to new circumstances.It is the money so outrageous that you can take a role you will hate for a little while because it is worth it in the end. Are you interested in the quantity of dollars or the quality of life? The thinking behind this was to present the notion of not being satisfied with a mere?k a year when there is something of far greater value at risk. I wanted to challenge the way in which my co-worker thought about money, advancement and fulfillment. As a man/woman thinks in their heart, so is he/she. (The Bible)

Here is the takeaway… money is not everything and it can change your life for the better or worse. What is more important than money that can change your life is to thinking that changes your life. I wanted to challenge her to think deeper than money and possessions before she took money that would change her life. 

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