The Accountability Circle

Leaving 2015 Behind

As we move into a new year with high hopes of what is possible for us. We do so knowing that we leave behind goals (resolutions) undone from prior years. On The Morning Light Periscope, we have been discussing setting our goals and sharing them with a circle of like minded individuals. The question that each one of us has to ask ourselves is “Do we really want to achieve this goal?”. This question is of utmost importance since it will dictate what you are willing to do in pursuit of your goals.



If Your Goals Possess Real Value

I submit, that if your goals possess real value to you, then having a system of accountability is paramount to achieving them. In some ways I believe it could make it easier. As we have seen within the morning Periscope, there are many who have similar goals. Therefore, they become a system of encouragement and/or support. So, we are forming an accountability circle.

Here is how it works. Each of us will post at least three of our goals that we want to accomplish for 2016. I will then take the curated goals and give access to The Morning Light family. The overall goal is for us to be transparent and accountable, because our goals mean that much to us. It is time to be accountable to someone other than yourself. It is time we all get the support, encouragement and push we need from like minded individuals. 

I Believe, when you are serious accountability is crucial. 


If you have not had the opportunity to tune into The Morning Light Periscope, the attached video will give a better explanation.