The Real Cost of Success

Success Comes At A Price

Why are people not as successful as they could be? The truth of the matter is that most people do not talk about the pain associated with success. The price is the same in our personal, professional or business life. A few years ago a well-known speaker by the name of Zig Ziglar said “We really can have it all” and it is true. We can have the fullness of life that includes health, wealth and nurturing relationships. However, what Ziglar failed to mention is that to have it all we will have to make some painful choices.

Pain and Choices

The choices that success requires will sometimes be as easy as stopping certain behaviors that are counterproductive. For instance, we may love to shop, and we are tempted to do so when we close a deal or get a bonus. Stopping this type of behavior may be as simple as putting the money in a stock account or a place that penalizes withdrawals. On the other hand, we have relationships in which each has its own complexity and nuances. Separating from some relationships will feel peeling off a band-aid that stuck to the wound. Ouch! Thinking about what must be done can be just as painful as doing it.

Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the painful work of sacrifice if we are to have success. 

More Costs More

The more success we seek to have the more we will have to sacrifice. ⁣In other words, success is not something you gain or acquire; it is a trade-off in sacrifices.  So, how much pain are you willing to take? In essence, more progress will require more sacrifice.

Suck it up and get started

⁣If you don’t know how to get going. Here are three steps that will get you on your way.

Evaluate Your Current Situation – List your habits and relationships.

Determine What You Can Live Without- Will this habit or relationship help, hinder or have no effect at all on my success?

Start the Elimination Process- Once we have 1 & 2 completed eliminate and replace behaviors and relationships that resemble the success we seek.




Motivation One Moment At A Time 


E.N.Howie is a native Washingtonian who has been fortunate to experience some life-altering circumstances that have given him a different way to look at challenges. In some circles, he would be described as an eternal optimist. He believes there is a bright side to even the darkest of experiences if you will search for the light. He is a husband, mentor, community-centered individual and a sharer of inspiration.