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After The Storm

The featured picture of the page is a picture of New Orleans. Let me ask. Do you think it’s post-storm or pre-storm? I know looking from this vantage point makes it hard to tell whether a storm has yet to arrive or if this is the aftermath. This picture was taken five years after Hurricane Katrina, and from this picture, you have no idea of the damage that was still present five years later. In other words, when we got on the ground, it looked as if the storm had just passed thru in some areas. The damage was still there; the rebuild hadn’t started or never arrived.

Everything looks fine from a distance

Have you started your rebuild after your storm? Are you like the city of New Orleans that from a distance everything looks fine but there are some areas where the rebuilding effort hasn’t started? Are you still focusing on the wreckage that was? What was lost in your storm? I ask these questions because the city of New Orleans is in constant pursuit of rebuilding and restoring, yes there are challenges in this, but nevertheless, they are moving forward with the rebuild. Your storm is no different. While the storm is raging, you can only wait for it to pass. But when the wind is over start rebuilding. I know the rain has done damage, I know that there were some things lost in the storm; I know that rebuilding is not easy. But it’s necessary.

Storm Wreckage

We are no different!

Here’s why… From my vantage of this picture I can’t see, feel or be in touch with the rebuilding effort or even see the damage but as I begin to have a more profound experience within in the city, it becomes readily evident of the lingering state of disrepair. You and I are no different; the more people have close encounters with us they will know whether or not a rebuilding effort has even started, completed or if it has even begun.

Here’s the takeaway…… when the storm is over start rebuilding. Don’t remain a wreck long after the storm has passed.

Motivation One Moment At A Time


E.N.Howie is a native Washingtonian who has been fortunate to experience some life-altering circumstances that have given him a different way to look at challenges. In some circles, he would be described as an eternal optimist. He believes there is a bright side to even the darkest of experiences if you will search for the light. He is a husband, mentor, community-centered individual and a sharer of inspiration.