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Putting “Life” In Perspective

In 1999, a movie called Life starring Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy showed a seen that I am just grasping the depths of its meaning. The movie has now become more of a metaphor to me, rather than mere entertainment. The movie depicts two men with sketchy backgrounds and poor choices. The choices they make along the way puts them squarely in the middle of a situation they could not see coming The two men end up in jail for a very long time even though they were innocent of the charges, but guilty of their choices. 

The metaphoric value of this movie lies in one scene; there is a scene that shows the people they had been in jail with slowly fading away one by one. Today, that small part of the movie is resonating with me. This morning I learned that a coworker, whom I worked closely with for a number of years passed away. This was a bit of shock, especially since he had been retired less than one year. Upon hearing this, the scene from this movie came to mind.

Yesterday, a friend, loved one, coworker was sharing time and space with you and today, their gone. We all know that this is a fact of life, and it cannot be avoided. However, I think this could serve as an important factor to help us find a better perspective on life, work and purpose. What troubles me the most about this, is he had worked over 35 years and spent less than one year in retirement before he passed away.

“I want to do more than punch a clock”

I do not know about you, but I want to do more than punch a clock. I believe a pursuit for all of us, is to find work that suits our purpose. I believe in the confluence of life, work and purpose. I believe when our work is coupled with our purpose, this really leads to living. If we work in jobs or careers that we hate, and we do it strictly for the money, then we are just surviving. (I know it sounds cliché) But we were meant to thrive not survive.

Sooner or later we will fade from the scene too. So this is why should spend our time in pursuit of fulfilling our purpose. One of the goals of our life should be, to know our purpose and live it out to its maximum potential. The life we have is a gift and not a prison sentence, but of course, that is a matter of perspective. 


Stop waiting, Start Living Now!

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