Retirement Is The Wrong Choice

Are You Ready For Retirement?

At this point in my life I’ve worked for a number of years. I have worked long enough to qualify for retirement in some circles.  After working for a number of years, I given a lot of thought to what’s really important. Have you ever come to the place when your job/occupation is just not enough? Something is missing, right?  Would retirement really be enough? I know the thought of waking up everyday with no place in particular to be, sounds great in some regards. Although, I do imagine it would be a great feeling for a few months or maybe a year. But, after that…

What About Fulfillment?

For many people retirement is something to look forward to, but what do I/we do till then? Here’s the question. What about fulfillment? All of us can live fulfilled right now, while we wait or work toward retirement. Before we can walk away from our occupation we need some conditions to be right prior to our departure. For example, our finances need to be in order, so we can take care of the basic necessities, like food and shelter.  Fulfillment is different because it does not has set parameters. It only requires  a focused heart and a committed mind for fulfillment. You see, fulfillment is as close as you believe it to be. The day when we do not have to work may be years away for some or most, but until then pursue fulfillment. I believe if we all pursued fulfillment retirement will never be an issue. 

Fulfillment Is About Purpose

Retirement is related to your occupation/job, but fulfillment is about living out your purpose. Most of us can’t retire until a certain age but we can be fulfilled at every age and at every stage of life.

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