The Real Men List


This list is designed for people to pay tribute to the men (real men) that have been influential in your development.   There are some real men who’ve been instrumental to who we have become and are int he process of becoming that we should take time to reflect on who they are and to acknowledge they’re presence and what they taught you.

Who’s on your list and why?

H. Howie- He taught me to always give my best because that’s all you have at that time.

R. Wade- How to be a guy that younger men can look up to and depend on.

Rev. Gardner- He taught me how to have an open heart and a open home.

D. Sheppard- He taught me how men strengthen and challenge men to be better.

C. Gilliam- He taught me that when your work speaks for itself you won’t need to say anything.

M. Peake- He taught me that the principles of mentoring and manhood transcend race and age.



Father’s and Father Figures are important because they have helped to shape us. You are the masterpiece that must pass thru the hands of many sculptors.


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