Poisoned -Cause of Death



It is  kill or be killed these are the only options you have. It’s either you kill or be slowly poisoned until death. Who would ever think that the cause of death of aspirations could be poison. Yes, slowly and meticulously administered poison.

Something will have to die in most cases.  I heard Kumi Rauf  of I Love Being Black say, “When he was in corporate America someone told him that ILBB and your Corporate position will reach a place where they can no longer coexist”. What I now gather from him is that he had to snuff the life out his corporate position before it did the same to his dreams and aspirations. There came a point where he had to put an end to his profession/position so his purpose could live.

If he didn’t the corporate position would have slowly poisoned the life out of his vision, his dream and ultimately his destiny. Is your profession or position poisoning your purpose? You see poisoning is a slow process where you are discouraged enough in small doses that eventually your vision ultimately dies. When you look back to eulogize the memory of what could’ve been, you will wish you would’ve done something different and often when you reach this point. It’s too late.

I want to be clear, if your corporate position interferes with your purpose or they don’t go hand in hand. Something has got to die, and no choice by default it a choice.

What will it be, murder or poison?


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