The Past and History

One day while driving around the city, the memories of my past began to come back to me as I travelled.  What I noticed is that I didn’t remember every single thing about those times. I remembered specific things like words, people, places and maybe what was happening at the time.

So I began to think about the difference between my past and my history. My past is the aggregate of everything that has occurred and every moment that passes is an addition to my past. I believe my/our history is different and is more along the lines of a course in school. When I look at the fact that history (the course) is a study of significant people, places, events and eras. I now believe that my personal history is the same. It’s something to be studied so I can learn from significant people, places, events and eras in my own life. I know the terms sometimes are used interchangeably but now I’m certain that my past and history is not the same thing. My history is something I’m supposed to learn something from not just “something” but things of significance. There are parts of my past that I leave behind but my history I carry with me.

What’s the difference…my history will make better in the current moment and tomorrow and my past won’t. My past contains things that will not help me better than I am right now and that’s how I separate them. Your past and your history are not the same thing.

Motivation One Moment At A Time