What No One Tells You About Dreams

It’s “The” Essential Asset

There will be times when your dream is all you have. In those times, your most valuable asset will be that dream, it’s the one thing that come what may you simply can’t afford to sell or pawn off. Everyone will face challenges that will push you to move it in to the background and in to the “I’ll Do That Later” file. The harsh reality of this is,  that most people never come back to that file. You must be intentional about not letting go of your dream by continuing to work at it. Yes, like any asset it can be squandered or neglected and when you won’t do the necessary work to give it the opportunity to come to fruition, you have squandered your asset and assassinated opportunity in its infancy.

More Than The Dream

To guard against killing your dream it must be tangible and obtainable, but beyond that you’ll need a plan to get there. The plan can be as simple as using a mall directory when you see the “you are here” and from there you chart a path to where you’re going. **Warning** The pathway to your dream will never, never, (did I say never) look exactly like you plan. It will be filled with unexpected obstacles, detours and delays, this is common for everyone. You’ll also find that many people who’ve quit on their dream because of delays and detours; quitting will guarantee that you’ll never arrive. You can’t get to any destination unless you see it thru to the end. Also, don’t be afraid to alter your pathway, not the destination because as soon as you secure one dream something amazing will happen; new dreams and destinations will appear.


Motivation One Moment At A Time