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Metro Cooking D.C.


For many of you who’ve read my ramblings you know I generally talk about what inspires or challenges me to be better. So if that is what you are expecting this time, let me apologize now. If you have no love for great food I am advising you to stop reading now. If you don’t, you’re going to have to read thru an agonizing post about some heavenly foods. That’s right, I said heavenly because delicious doesn’t do any of them justice. 

*Disclaimer* I am not a paid endorser of any of the following products. I endorse them because I have discovered a love a first bite relationship with them that I have serious intentions of maintaining. 

The other day I was surfing my twitter account and I saw something that advertised Metro Cooking D.C. and decided to follow the link. Well, the event was taking place on November 8th-9th and one of my favorite guys was going to be there, Guy Fieri (sorry if you’re a Bobby Flay fan). Well by the time I found out about the event, only the general admission tickets were left. I immediately texted my wife to see the agenda for Saturday and she said it was open. So I bought tickets so we could hang out at Metro Cooking DC for the day. As some of you may know I like to take pictures so I decided to bring my camera along. I walked thru the entire vendor floor and I’m going to give you Howie’s picks. If you have others please add them in the comments section but these are mine and i’m sticking to them.


Grey Ghost Cookies 






The Grey Ghost Bakery had several samples to choose from but I moved immediately to the Chocolate Espresso sample and after the first bite and visions of the cookies dipped in French Vanilla Ice Cream began to dance in my head. I turned and start calling for my wife to come and taste them, but she was occupied. It didn’t matter, I made and executive decision and purchased the Chocolate Espresso and before I knew it the Molasses Spice became part of the acquisition.  











Karen Kay’s Cakes

I had a wonderful time with Karen and her team as I was able to push my way to the front to see what the line was about. I’m not sure if it make since to say but, I’ve never seen cakes look so good in all my life. I must admit that there was no possible way they could taste as good as they looked. I knew that all they could do was let me down. These beautiful cakes had to have the draw back of being well dressed but no substance. Well, I bought a slice of the chocolate cake and if you think these cakes look good in the pictures, please know that they taste better than they look. I know, that’s saying a bit much, I know it sounds like a stretch but I listened to the comments to the other skeptical customers as they would say. Oh my goodness that is good. There was one guy who stood there speechless and I looked at him and I knew the look. That look in a man’s eyes where he’s gone on a journey in his mind to the place where he, the cake and whatever favorite thing that goes with his cake are all together. They had 5 cakes on display as you can see from the pictures. PS. Karen if your reading this please reserve an order for Thanksgiving. 













Chups Ketchup 


Out of everything you will find on my list. This was the only product that I was reluctant to try. I actually looked for a reason not to like this ketchup. Here’s why, Chups was introducing a life changing product. Until today there was and would only be one ketchup, tomato. I had never heard of or seen such a wide selection of fruit ketchups. As they were trying to get me to “just try it” I was going to remain cordial and decline the offer and move on. Why should I try it? There is only one ketchup in all the world. I hated to disappoint them but my choice was made long ago. Thinking back, if you only have one option, is it really a choice? Well, they coaxed me into trying the Cherry ketchup. (Yes, Cherry) Today I have  discovered an error in my condiment selection, but I’m now glad to welcome to the condiment shelf of my home Cherry ketchup. This stuff will knock the socks of any burger lover and they’ll never know what hit them. They may not believe you when you tell them so get more than one jar, you may need to part with one if you convert a non believer. 










Popcorn Queen -Pop Up Bar

As I write this, my bag of Caramel Peanut popcorn is open and I am reducing the contents in between keystrokes. I consider myself to be a caramel popcorn connoisseur  or corner sewer and I am aware that there is a company in Chicago that makes a similar product. So with that in mind let me say this, I am seriously thinking Popcorn Queen is better (really). They presented several varieties with one being a Chipotle Caramel. I have never heard of such a wonderful flavor, but it is my intent to try them all.










Rich’s Sweet Heat

“This is better than barbecue sauce” was the statement I heard from across the exhibition hall. I had to find the person and product who would dare make such a boast. I think barbecue sauce is sacred and should not be made by just anyone. You see, when it’s done right, there is nothing like it. I am a part of an incendiary brotherhood that will smoke meat for hours on end and any old sauce just won’t do. So he needed to back up this claim with evidence to support it. The verdict is in as I opened my bottle today and used it on a meal this evening and I concur. Rich’s Sweet Heat is better than barbecue sauce. There, I said it. 







Deception Salsa

This pick was a surprise to me since i’m not a salsa guy. Salsa may be something my wife will buy when we are hosting family and friends but in general, it’s never on my list of things to get. Well when walking by the table I overheard the selection which included a spicy bacon salsa and I had to know what business did bacon have with salsa. After leaving the show today we stopped for Mexican. What did I happen to have with me? Salsa, and I opened the jar and the flavor completely changed a meal that was ok to something extraordinary. In case you are wondering, I tried two products on the same meal and the result was… Wow! 



Genesis Production- Honorable Mention

This company wasn’t a vendor but they were handling the video for the events and they were very helpful. A great big shout out to Henry and his team for taking the time to answer my questions about video production and software.


I want to say a big note of thanks all of the teams for indulging and posing for pictures after I explained what I was going to do.  


I did not consider myself a foodie but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience today, so much so I thought I would share it.




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