Maturity & Security 2014

Maturity &  Security (Who are you?)

The more I live the less I am surprised by the behavior of people. I often wonder what is the root cause to the behavior that people exhibit… Have you ever been puzzled by unprofessional and unethical behavior of individuals in the corporate environment? What about in social settings or relationships? Have you ever wondered why some people act the way they do?

If you find yourself sometimes wondering just what makes people do what they do or make them not do what they are supposed to do. I have two suggestions for you to consider. Most issues with people can be boiled down to their level of maturity and security. We somehow have been led to believe that maturity should be attached to a person’s age. We expect a five year old to act like a five year old; we are shocked when a fifty year old acts like a five year old. Why, because we believe that somewhere in a persons living they should have gotten by/over childhood issues and behaviors. We are far too often caught off guard by the immaturity of adults.

If we evaluate it at every turn I believe that we would find that connected to immaturity you will find the underlying driving force is insecurity. Somewhere there is a lack of self-awareness and confidence that warps an individual’s everyday living. To say it a different way, people have no assurance or confidence in who they are or what they should be doing. Let me pause and clearly state, “when someone has no confidence in who they are DRAMA will be attached. They carry this drama with them into every environment and every relationship. I say all of that to say this….  There is NO way to know who you are and what you are to do UNTIL you are secure in Whose you are.

You see, it’s knowing Whose you are that will make you secure and mature no matter where you are or who you are with. It is this clear understanding of Whose I am that grants me the security of not having to change based on my environment, it’s knowing Whose I am, that will let me be secure with your gift, your looks, your financial status, your marital status, your education, your home, your profession. It is knowing Whose I am that will shape the context in which I live and control my conduct because I can live Mature and Secure not because of who I try to be but because of Whose I am.

Here’s the takeaway…. you can’t expect to see maturity and security in any individual who has no idea of who they are. Furthermore, it’s impossible to know whom you are if you don’t know or if you are confused about Whose you are. It’s KNOWING Whose I am that will make me live and act maturely and securely.

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