Does It Really Matter?

What are the most essential things in life? Is it love, family or just having fun. If I had to ask the question another way. What really matters in life. Every one of us will have times when we lose perspective on the matters of most importance. But then there are the times in life we make trivial thing matter more than they should. What would our world, our community, our families look like if we focused on what really means the most?

How can we identify what’s really important? It’s easy when you remove material things. Don’t let anyone fool you, how you treat people matters, how you think about others have meaning, how you show love to all people matters. What you do, think, and say carries meaning.

From Jordan to Salvatore Ferragamo

Just so we are clear, what you drive don’t matter, what clothes you have don’t matter, the shoes you buy ( Jordan to Salvatore Ferragamo) they don’t matter.

At your funeral, few people will remember your clothes, your shoes, your house, your car but they will remember the love you have shown in word and indeed.

Motivation One Moment at a Time