Living Inspired

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog

My blog came about as a result of an email that I sent to friends and family. I wanted to share something with them that I found inspiring. Well, everyday I find something that is inspiring, I know that enough happens day to day for anyone to be depressed and this doesn’t require any intent on our part. But to be inspired or to live inspired you must be intentional about what you choose to digest and what you extract as useful. So I just wanted to share how I feel, think and view stories, movies or something I heard a coworker say.

I wanted to share with people that the glass is half full or if it’s less than half you still have something in your glass. Whatever way you look at it, there is positive potential. On the other side of everything is a positive possibility and that’s what I want the world to see. I believe inspiration is more contagious than doom and gloom. In no way do I want people to shy away from reality but to look at it with a certain perspective that can alter your perception.

Life is inspiring

Love is inspiring

Laughter is inspiring

So why not live inspired.


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