Life, Love and Being Happy




” I don’t initiate conversation”

Some years ago I remember making this statement and somehow it has etched itself into my memory. I really believe it so I never forget, that who I am today is not remotely close to who I used to be. I didn’t have the icebreaker personality to start a conversation with a stranger. I really had to think about what I was going to say (no each word) I’m sure people could sometimes see the wheels turning. This was like the cold call for a salesperson. I really felt more comfortable not saying anything at all in social situations.

Until…One day I was to be the best man at my friends wedding, I met this young lady at the rehearsal dinner. Again, I didn’t know what to say to her (there’s no guidance book on these things) so I did the next logical thing. I asked my best friend about her. We didn’t hit it off immediately but we eventually connected. I don’t remember the context of our telephone conversation but I remember the words ” I don’t initiate conversation” I went on to explain to her that I’m not really a talker. I didn’t notice it at the time (I think she told me) but whenever we were on the phone it seemed as if I had to carry the conversations. Now once a subject would come up we would talk for hours but this had gotten to be the norm and I became used to it and I would just start in and off we would go.

If you know me today you would never know that was the way I used to be. She saw something in me and challenged it to come out (I know there are days she wish she would’ve just left it there lol). Today, she is my wife of eleven years. She is “The One” and I knew it then and I know it now. It’s funny because when we talk we have only been a few people removed from meeting most of our lives. You see, I knew her name before I met her because I heard it in a dream (That’s right, you are my dream girl literally).

You have changed my life and redefined everything I thought I knew about love. I feel blessed and grateful to share the life we have today and I’m excited about what’s to come. Together we have faced some hills and valleys but we have done it together. I still feel Jeffrey Osborne’s opening “I finally found…”

An open letter from my heart to yours.