The Lessons Life Has Taught

I reached out to the periscope community that follows The Morning Light Periscope for their favorite quotes that provide inspiration and insight for their life. What you will read below is a collection of quotes from the community.

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog post. The quotes are inspiring and awesome, so I am going to share a summary of the comments that they may be helpful to others as they were for me. The power of sharing our pain, struggle, fears, and joys with one another is encouraging and strengthening. We may never know the depth of the words we share to encourage someone and the ultimate effects it can have upon their life. 

#1 Relying too much on something other than God reveals something about our character and faith.

#2 Faith isn’t hoping everything works out it’s about trust.

#3 Change requires wholehearted commitment

#4 Stick to, be steadfast and show up for your goals and aspirations

#5 Surrender your fears, concerns and plans to God be he is and has been faithful.

#6 The promise of God requires participation on my part

#7 Learn to listen more than you speak so you can be in tune to what God is saying

#8 “Shift Happens” and when it does don’t allow your fear to cause your faith to falter

#9 Faith is not spoken but exercised and when it’s exercised you when KNOW because scripture comes to life

#10 Life is not all smiles and certainty but knowing you belong to God

#11 The most tragic thing would be to die and never to have realized all that you could have been.


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