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Tune In To Your Life

Tune Out 

Has life become a spectator sport for you? Does your conversation consist only of what other people have done or what they are currently doing? In most cases, a spectator cannot impact what they are watching. So while it may be fun to watch the show that is someone else’s life, remember we have one of our own. Although, you cannot tune in until you tune out.

Tune In

Tune in to your channel. Everything that is happening in your life has greater value than what’s happening to someone else. What’s on your life channel? What new challenge will you tune in? Will write a book, read a book, start a blog, start a business? You may not know the answer, but tune in so you can find out.


Don’t Be Afraid Or Ashamed

I am always amazed at the number of exceptionally gifted people who don’t use their gift/talent. It seems that most people are ashamed of what they have or worse, they are worried that when people know what they can do they may actually ask you to do something with it. You know, the whole fear of success thing.

Tune In and Change Your Life

In Order To Be, You Must Do

What if James Baldwin never wrote, or if Ella Fitzgerald didn’t sing, or if James Brown didn’t dance? What if Gabby didn’t………To be something you must do something. You are not it unless you are doing it. It’s better said this way singers sing, dancers dance, writers write, leaders lead, communicators communicate effectively, and civil servants serve with civility. Will people have comments about the changes you are making? Yes, they will, and now you get to practice tuning them out. Let’s do more than watch others, let’s tune in to our own Life Channel.

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E.N.Howie is a native Washingtonian who has been fortunate to experience some life-altering circumstances that have given him a different way to look at challenges. In some circles, he would be described as an eternal optimist. He believes there is a bright side to even the darkest of experiences if you will search for the light. He is a husband, mentor, community-centered individual and a sharer of inspiration.

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