Letting Go



Today I learned one of the greatest lessons life has to offer, by doing what I should have done some time ago. I learned the power of letting go. I wanted to share this, because there are many people who are just like me. They have been holding on to something beyond the point of its purpose. Here is the funny thing, normally I am not the person that holds onto things. My wife is accustomed to hearing the question. What are we going to do with this? However, this inclination did not spill over into every area of my life.

Let me say that, I am letting go of an 11 year relationship with the church I attended. I can tell you that in many respects it is a tough thing to do, because I have forged relationships with many people, their children, their grandchildren, and everyone in between, and although it not easy, it is necessary. There are not many places where you are a witness to your own growth and maturity, and this church was that place for me. There are many elements of this relationship that has impacted my life immeasurably and others are yet to unfold. I would say the good and the bad has impacted me in particular way, it has taught me the essential skill of never leaving a bad experience without examination. A bad experience contains some some of life’s greatest lessons. 

So, today I have learned to let go and here is why. I have come to this conclusion that  I was holding on for the sake of holding on. It is much like something that sits in your home or garage, that you know you will never use again, but you keep it anyway. Whenever we hold onto something beyond its point of purpose, we delay the arrival of something new.   

Let me say it this way… Letting go of something affords you the opportunity to take hold of something new.

This is an important point to remember, because we should have a fair knowledge of what we are currently holding on to, but we have no idea of what we could possess, because we will not let go. However, before we let go we should ask ourselves these 4 questions about the thing/things we are holding on to:

Can I use it in the future in its current form? 

Is it good for my social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth going forward?

Is it mutually beneficial to others involved? 

Is it preventing me from moving forward?

Depending our answers to these questions, the next logical question should be. Why are we still holding on? It is time to let go. We are letting go, not because we want to, but because we need to. When we discover the thing we are holding on to, no longer has purpose, nor does not fit into ours. It is time for us to LET IT GO!




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