We Are Going To Need A Better Idea

The Idea

The movie clip above shares some true, but startling realizations about the power of an idea. It does not seem to matter whether it is a good idea or a bad idea, but the idea in and of itself is a parasite and a virus at the same time. This simply means it can do great good or great harm because of its characteristics. Everyone of us, in some way is operating our lives on the basis of an idea.  This could have come by way of our family, our friends, our mentor and sometimes an enemy. Nevertheless, the power for us to become and evolve started with an idea. 



According to Napoleon Hill, the organization of our thoughts is an idea and if this is true, then we have to challenge and examine where are thoughts/ideas come from. If we look at this thru the correct lens we will be able to see that the world is not filled with bad people, but good people with bad ideas. What would happen if we begun to challenge the roots of thoughts and ideas? Would people really be able to change if they are armed with truth in their thoughts? Yes, some of the thoughts and ideas that were given to us with poor intention and based in bad thoughts. So, when we examine the thoughts/ideas that make up who we are, we can start on a path to better because we have a better understanding.

How can we have a good life if we are operating off of, and out of bad ideas?

Let’s examine them, let’s look at the root, and if its a bad root, its a bad idea. Then it is time to THROW IT OUT!


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