3 Ways To Heal Your Hurt

Getting Over The Hurt

Every one of us will experience some sort of hurt in our lifetime. There is no way any of us can avoid it. It is simply the byproduct of living over a period of time. We all will develop some sort of pain management system to help us cope. Our coping mechanism can be either internal, external or a combination of both. For example, people deal with pain through medication, meditation, prayer, drugs, alcohol and even violence. While it may not me popular, there is some truth to hurting people, hurt people. The real question would be. Why? It is the means by which they manage their own pain. Let me reiterate, inflicting pain on others is their means of anesthetizing their own pain. It is an attempt to dial down their pain. It may not be the most effective pain management system, but it is one. The hard truth of this is, that there is no perfect solution to past hurt and pain, but there is help.

There is a sure fire way to reduce the impact of past hurt. There is a way to reduce the long-term effects of what you’ve experienced in your past. Yes, it hurt, and that was then, but that same pain is now going to help, and this is now. Each of us will have unique opportunity that our pain has afforded us. Our pain has afforded us the opportunity to help someone else by giving the comfort, support and even advice, as we live with our pain as part of our past. There are three things you must do to make the hurt help 

  1. Understand The Pain

We have to understand all of the details of the experience from our past. Did I cause it? What role did I play in it? What could I have done differently? How many others has this happened to? You see the journey in understanding the past is all a part of being able to help some who may be having a hard time with a similar issue to yours. If you do not know your own pain inside and out, you will be ill equipped to help someone else.

  1. Understand The Content of The Pain

Once we clearly understand the pain from asking the relevant questions that provides the essential information. We have to understand the content of the pain. The content of the pain is evaluating the experience to see what kind of help it could be. This would consist of breaking the past hurt into to content compartments. This is necessary because there are many areas that have underlying compartments. For example, in financial distress, there is the topical content of finances, but the undercurrent of the feelings associated with the distress. This would make two content compartments that could be of great help when it’s repurposed.

  1. Use It

The third and final step to getting over the hurt it is actually using it. Yes, using the hurt to help other people. This is the sure fired way to keep the hurt or pain you have experienced from having power over you. You must empower yourself to use the pain and all of its useful contents. *Note* every part of your pain is not useful in helping others. There is no better way than to get over the pain from your past than helping someone else who is struggling in a similar way. When you use your hurt to help, you take back the power the pain took from you. Furthermore, you have not conquered it until you’re helping someone else to come thru it. Look at it this way, your experience was so you could served as  a guide to someone else. They can look at you and see you made it, and it will help them see, they can too. 

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