Home is Home - Never Forget From Whence You Came

Washington DC Francis Scott Key Bridge
View on Key bridge and Rosslyn skyscrapers at dusk, Washington DC, USA

Native Son

“There is no place like home, there is no place like home” are the words  Dorothy said in the 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz. I watched that movie twenty times or more, but I understand her words better now than I did then. As a native Washingtonian who loves the city, I will say it’s not the political scene or the politicians or even the policies that come from here. My love for D.C.comes from it being a vibrant, diverse, and aesthetically beautiful city. In my heart, I am a city dude. The picture you see is the view of the town I grew up seeing. If you have a mild familiarity with D.C., you might think this is the view from Northwest or Southwest, but actually, it is the view from Southeast.

D.C. Tidal Basin

The Sleeping Giant I Call Home

Don’t let anyone fool you; the best part of the city is the sleeping giant called Southeast. Can you believe that this is the view from one of the most economically challenged parts of the city? There is a line in a song that says “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at” I will say that where you are from and where you live currently located have equal relevance to where you are going. So yes, it is location, location, location. Moreover, It’s where you’re from, where you are, and the destination ahead. Learn to love and appreciate the place from whence you came, enjoy your current location, and look forward to the destination ahead that is built on the narrative of your past and present situation.

Washinton DC

The Giant Awakens

The Giant has awakened, and the landscape will never be the same. I wrote the above some years ago, and there has been a steady transformation of the place that I call home. Although there is a lot of negative things said about the change taking place in Southeast D.C., but the changes do not change my origin. Yes, the secret is out. In addition, the best part of the city has been discovered (economically speaking) and there is no way back. This is the point in the story where the future is embraced and understood.

Here is where this links to life; the process of change has begun, and cannot be undone. However, you do get to live with what you learned to leverage the value of that knowledge. We know what it was, what it is, and now we have to look forward to what is becoming.

Motivation One Moment At A Time

The Giant Awakening


E.N.Howie is a native Washingtonian who has been fortunate to experience some life-altering circumstances that have given him a different way to look at challenges. In some circles, he would be described as an eternal optimist. He believes there is a bright side to even the darkest of experiences if you will search for the light. He is a husband, mentor, community-centered individual and a sharer of inspiration.