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We Have To Go Through It!

Going Through

I often hear people say things like ” I’m going through right now”,” You’ve got to go through something to get to something”. I have decided that I like the latter part of the latter statement better than the former. If we believe words have power. If we believe, even for one second, that words can shape our perception and transform our experiences. Then the through something-to something should lead to a radical shift in our attitude.  I believe words can shape and redefine our understanding of our current experiences. So today, I have decided that we should no longer use the term that” I’m going thru” anymore. I want to announce today that we should say, “going to” something instead.  A small shift in our wording can change the way view an experience. One focuses on where we are and what’s happening, while the other is strictly about where are we going, regardless of where we are.




Change Our Focus

It seems like a play on word, but its more than that. See when we say I’m going through it makes us look around at our current circumstances. It makes us get a real clear picture of where we are. I am simply suggesting that we change our focus so that we are not always “going thru something” but we are always “getting to” something.




We Must Choose To Think

We must choose to think this way, because what we are “getting to” will always be greater than what we’re “going through”. The destination holds more promise than the road we travel to get there.

Here’s why, because what we are getting to has us arriving at a destination with the added benefit of we’ve gone thru. See when we “get to” we will be better than when were going thru. We’ll be stronger than were when we were going thru. Our conversation will be different, our behavior will be different, our attitude’s will be different and our faith will be different. Ultimately, WE WILL BE DIFFERENT!

 To focus on what we are “getting to” is a choice because it will help us feel better, even when things aren’t better. We will be looking forward to the revelation that culminates the total experience, rather than letting part of the experience dominate our focus.



What We Should Do

Here is what we should do from here, stop saying we are going through something, but say,  we are going to something.


Keep this in mind…

“Through Something is the Process of To Something”


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