I write this morning as a reminder to self, that I’m sharing with others. I have spent quite some time looking at the building process, with a particular focus on structures. What makes a structure strong? What makes a structure last? What could cause the most problems if it’s done incorrectly? Well…two things come to mind. 1. The ground upon which something is built 2. The foundation upon which everything else will rest. I have discovered that even if you build on good ground but the foundation is poor. There will always be trouble and the trouble can’t be fixed at any other level. The cracks can be hidden, the sagging floors can be shored up, but if the problem is in the foundation. You will always have a problem.

What goes into the structural foundation of most buildings? Concrete and the concrete is poured into a form of some sort. But before we even get to the pouring and the forming the concrete is made of a mixture. A mixture of sand, crushed stone or gravel, cement, air, and water. These must be mixed in the proper portion in order to achieve the kind of concrete for the right foundation. Too much of one and not enough of the other will cause a weakness in the concrete, which will create a weakness in the foundation and it will be a source of problems and could lead to structural failure.

The problems in the structure may go unnoticed if you are only building a story or two. But if you are planning to build high and/or big there will certainly be problems. So here is one thing to know, the higher/bigger you build the more evident the problems in the foundation will become (. The issues with your foundation will grow in direct proportion to the size of your entity, company, ministry or relationships (whatever you are building).

The right mix of ingredients is important but the ingredients by themselves don’t make concrete. The ingredients put together in a container won’t make concrete. There are two other components that are important to this process. They are the mixing (shaking, stirring up, tumbling, turning) and time.

The makings of any good foundation require the right mixture, stirring up that mixture and time.

Here’s one takeaway…If you are building something strong don’t get discouraged when the mix is not right, don’t get discouraged when the right mix has to be shaken/turned, don’t discourage when the mixture has to be stirred over a period of time. This is so the right consistency (tightness/elemental bonding, uniformity) will take place. I want to remind you that all this just the process of getting it ready to pour into the right form.

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(I feel a part two coming in The Form of A Foundation)

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