Footprints in the Sand

Footprints In The Sand


I spent my time over one holiday at the beach. I watched every morning and evening for the sun to rise and set. I love watching the sunrise and set over the backdrop of the dark blue waters. I think we get so accustomed to our normal regimen that we have to be outside our normal circuit of events to really pay attention to the wonderful simplicity that encompasses us everyday. As I would look out I would watch people walk along the beach, and they walked very close to water but not close enough to get their feet wet. I would see them leave their footprints in the sand, person after person and couple after couple leaving their footprints in the sand.The next day I noticed that the footprints from the day before would be washed away.

The tide had come in and wash out the all of the footprints. The view of this cyclical event spoke to me, It said that some impression weren’t meant to be lasting ones. It said to me that even though they were temporary they did have an impact in the window of time they were allowed. While time can wash away your footprints in the sand of life, your impact can and must be felt. If we aim to make an impact in the lives of people, nothing will wipe away the impression. So long after the footprint has faded the impact that you made would be felt. Eventually time will erode everything that doesn’t stick to the hearts of people. So remember, strive to leave impressions in the hearts of people daily.




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