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Fear, Faith and Favor

Today I write this note to address a group of people in general and specifically. I write this morning to those who live with fear, for those who live in fear and to those who have multiple fears. Sometimes you can feel lonely because someone has told you/us that fear and faith can’t exist in the same body. This day I will beg to differ on this assertion. Fear and Faith can exist in the same body. The reality is that Fear and Faith can coexist in the heart and mind of any person. Faith is not defined as the absence of fear and fear is not defined as the absence of Faith.

The real question is which is bigger? Is your fear bigger than your Faith? Fear will cause you procrastinate to the point of paralysis. You see fear and Faith have statements that they make when they are lived out. You see the fearful (fear filled) will say because of. The Faithful (Faith filled) will say in spite of. What I want you to see in all this is that your sight or vision is enhanced or impeded by one or the other. Fear seeks to impede your vision to keep you from seeing what’s really working for you. Faith helps you to see it more clearly.

I write this simple note to you, that we all may know that fear is to stop you from seeing the Favor that’s working on your behalf. So here is a suggestion, when you feel fearful move forward in spite of. Here’s why… every step is moving you out of the territory of fear and moving you to the stronghold of Faith. With each step you move that much closer to seeing the picture correctly. It will be by your steps in Faith in spite of the fear that will move you closer to seeing the presence of Favor.

Here’s the takeaway…Favor is ever-present but you need more Faith than fear to see it. The Bible says ” The Just Shall Live By Faith”. So in essence it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a choice to see Favor where you should be fearful. When your Faith is bigger than your fear, you can see Favor. When you have a bigger Faith than you fear, you can see God’s Favor in circumstances that seem unfavorable. Got Faith? Faith comes by hearing……….

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