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The Cost of Admission

This weekend I stumbled upon one of my favorite movies. I love the subtly upon which things are suggested before they are carried out. But it’s the dialogue that keeps me glued to my seat. I can watch either of the Godfather movies and they are just rich with quotes that are profound with considerable depth to them.

In the final installment of this saga Michael Corleone now older and more vulnerable for several reasons says to Vinnie as the mantle is passed to him. He must put an end to a relationship that is wrong and dangerous. He tells him “this is the price you pay for the life you have chosen.

This applies to us on so many levels. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything will require something, time, money, energy, thought, patience, perseverance, faith, love there is an associated cost. The real question is you willing to pay the price of admission.

Question: Do you know if what you are investing in has equal to greater value to what you’re investing.

You see once you pay the cost the next question is about value. Is it worth it? Will it be worth it? So if nothing comes free and you have to pay the price of admission. Choose Wisely.

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