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Confident ?

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.


I will dare not say that I’m full of confidence because to do so would more than suggest that I’m full of something closer to meadow muffins. There are areas where I exude confidence, as these would be my comfort zones. The instances when I’m operating in my area of my gift. I know in these moments you are getting the authentic me love it or hate it all me. In this I’m confident.

But then there are times when I feel like people are just being kind to me with their word/comments (like when I writing daily prompts lol). I read the post from other bloggers and wonder. What am I doing submitting blog post along side some these guys? That’s when I feel like I don’t belong. I feel like I should make this my last post…

Then I remember, I don’t write because I’m good at it or that I’m even trained to do so. I write because it’s therapeutic for me, it might keep me from screaming at someone that deserves it. So the struggle continues for a confident imposter, which should be a syndrome all by itself. What do you call it when you’re caught between the two at different times and stages?


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