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Compassion is the Key

In this week’s episode of The Morning Light, our goal is to focus on having compassion for others. All of us see what’s happening in the world around us. The ongoing pandemic to the continuance of police brutality that has lead to protests. Everyone has a part in the change, as the hashtag goes #weareallinthistogether. However, it is one thing to be in it together, but being together and divided is something different. Moreover, division makes things worse because solutions will always be partial. Sometimes, we genuinely do not understand other persons or groups plight. Although we do not understand a groups plight, don’t let your misunderstanding lead to indifference. I know, indifference is more comfortable than trying to understand an issue. As human beings we get a lot done if we seek to understand first, then to be understood. That’s why one of the points of this week is about having compassion. We cannot have compassion unless we desire to understand or, at minimum, do no harm.

POINT OF IMPACT – “Don’t take what you see on tv or social media as view of society overall, because it’s not”

  1. Remain Open to the idea that everyone is having a tougher time than you.
  2. Be Considerate understanding that everyone is in some sort of recovery mode.
  3. Remain Open to the truth that we are in this together.

Compassion – is to have a genuine concern for the suffering or misfortunes of others.

Make it your aim to be compassionate towards others even when you don’t understand their circumstances.

POINT OF IMPACT – Be compassionate on purpose


Remember: You can impact the world around you.

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