The Best Man



This morning I was listening to radio and I heard Steve Harvey say the same thing about his dad Slick Harvey. What an indictment as it relates to the impact of Fatherhood can have. The more your child matures the more accurately they’ll see you and what you’ve done. Often times broken children are the offspring of broken men. Let me say this for the record, that an absent man is a broken man too, the severity of his brokenness won’t even let him see anything wrong with being absent and inactive in the life is his child/children.

**Side Note** Child Support Payments ARE NOT THE SAME AS BEING ACTIVE**

I write this to men so that you will know the real impact of your fatherhood will be felt and even scrutinized over the arc of time. As a father you have the opportunity to be a giant in the eyes of your children. You also have the obligation to aim to be the best man your children know. In time they will evaluate the man you have been.

Start being your children’s Giant today. (More to come on this issue)






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