Be Territorial 


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write this note to serve as a reminder to some and as a warning to others. As you succeed in any field or arena of life, know that there are people who do not want to see (and cannot stand) to see you succeed. As hard as it may be to hear, it could be people who are in your corner. * Just because they are in your corner doesn’t mean they are pulling for you* The truth of it is that you will not always know this until things start to happen for you. Please understand, that as things begin to happen for you, doors open, opportunities come, there are people who you would think would be happy for you and their not, and they’re behavior, their attitude and even their words will let you know that they’re not.

Here is the question I often ask people. How can someone who’s not happy with themselves, where they are, what they’re doing?

Let me rephrase the question another way. How can anyone who’s dissatisfied (insecure) in his or her social, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, intellectual space be happy for you when you are succeeding in yours? They can’t!

So stop looking around and wondering why people hate on you when you are doing what you should be doing. When you are taking possession of the territory that is yours. Know this one simple fact: IT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY, Therefore, it is ok to be territorial


Motivation One Moment At A Time