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Be Consistent
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The Keys To Being Effective

There are two very important components to being effective at any level. If you happen to be the best and the brightest in the room, yet you lack these two keys. You will still be ineffective.


Can you be counted on? In any organization there are always  people to count, but the numbers begin to thin out when you look for people you can count on. Consistency is not to be confused with convenience, because consistency is demonstrated most often in times of inconvenience. Are you the person that when all else fails they know you will show up? Are you the person in the midst of crisis, you will rise and not shrink, time and time again. Consistency is a mark of true courage because it demands that you remain unchanged and unmovable in adverse conditions.


Calvin Coolidge said years ago ” Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence, not talent, not genius, not education”. The reason being is that to accomplish anything of worth, it requires that you push past the point of where you want to quit. It requires that when you fail, you do not quit, but you take from the failure the rungs that are necessary to build your ladder to success. Persistence is not for the faint of heart or the timid in spirit. It is the mark of those who cannot fathom quitting or conceding because pressing forward is there only option. They have set the course and burned the bridge behind them, and onward and upward is the only path.

The Takeaway

There is no sustained success without these two character traits. The pathway to success is littered with those who lack these traits. If you are going to be effective, you must equip yourself with these two traits.

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