The 3 Roadblocks To Greatness



The 3 Roadblocks to Greatness

In 1968 Dr. King stated in a sermon “everyone can be great” as he went on to define a new standard of greatness. Everyone has the potential to be great as long as we understand the following keys to greatness. For the sake of clarity, I do not consider greatness and fame to be the same or even in relationship with one another. So what are the roadblocks to avoid?

1. Fear

Our personal fears can leave us paralyzed if we allow them to do so. We all have fears, but the only way to realize our potential is to move forward anyway. The key to your personal greatness is knowing that fear is an adversary that will never go away on its own. Fear cannot be reasoned and it does not accept compromise. It must be faced and defeated. It may take more than one attempt to do so, but the pathway of your greatness is right thru the domain of your fear. 

2. Self-Doubt

Our greatness must start with us believing in our own value. If we don’t believe in what is possible for us, we make the job of those who would support us, almost impossible. When we allow our doubts to dictate our actions, we can never put our best forward. When our self-doubt is strong, it will make the people who believe in us appear less than genuine. One of the greatest quotes on this is found in the TED talk the Golden Circle with Simon Sinek “People don’t buy what you do, they buy what you believe”.

3. The Critics

Now, this is my favorite point because we all have critics. The people who criticize, hate, naysay and belittle our dreams are the worst sort of people. At least, that’s what I used to think, and we should all look at them differently and I will tell you why. They are actually an essential part of informing our greatness. They help us to become great by willingly giving us information that people who support  us would not dare say. Our role is to decipher whether the information is constructive or destructive. I believe that hidden within the destructive criticism are constructive components that have been communicated unintentionally. Therefore, it is up to us to listen intently to the critics and filter for what we can use. There is one important thing to know about critics. When success shows up, they will quickly switch sides and act as if they were in your corner all along. 

Personal Story:

When I was 21 years old, I was looking to purchase my first piece of real estate. I remember telling my co-workers and asking the older gentlemen about the process that they went thru. Once I explained to them that I had never purchased anything using credit, they told me it was impossible since I had no credit history. I felt discouraged for a moment, and then I was determined not to let what they thought kill my actions. The first day I returned to work after going to closing, I showed them the keys to my new place. I was shocked by their response…“Congratulations! We knew you would do it”. It was in this moment that I learned, only a few remembers the failures of the successful.


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