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My 27 Cents Worth

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Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the Fountain

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

The child in me still lives. Time and circumstance has told me that throwing money into fountain and wishing is a bad investment. Since I know this, you would think that I would never do it again, but as soon as I’m near a fountain of water some urge to reach for change takes hold of me. I know that anything worthwile takes more than a few coins and a wish, but something tells me it can’t hurt even if it doesn’t help.  Some of my wishes have come true but they are in need of some serious revision.

I wished for the ability of flight (I gave a full quarter for this one)- I can, just with an airplane and I don’t like airplanes.

I wished for more money -I got more money only to learn that making more costs you more.

I wished to grow a full beard just like my dad- today, I’m glad to say that I have a full beard, but my wife hates it.

These three wishes cost me .27 cents total, its often said “you get what you pay for” (I don’t know who gets the credit for that quote but I think he could’ve kept this one to him/herself).

Motivation One Moment At A Time

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