Travel Light

Travel Light


I recently spent some time with a missionary who gave me a

demonstration on how missionaries pack for travelling. It was

interesting in the fact that, they only carry with them items that have purpose

and are essential for where they are heading.


It’s a concept that we know and apply daily in the most physical

dynamic of our life. For example: When we go to the store and

purchase something that’s in a wrapper or a box. We quickly shed the

box or the wrapper,  because their only job was to hold/protect the item

we needed/wanted. Once we get the item out of It’s packaging we

throw away anything that no longer serves a purpose. The packaging

has outlived it’s purpose.


How many of us carry and hold on to excess baggage that has outlived

it’s purpose? It’s purpose was only to deliver something to us that was

necessary and essential for where we are going and not for where we

come from. Don’t’ carry the trash when the treasure in the trash is

what you need. If it doesn’t serve a purpose for where you are going, if

it’s not useful, helpful, beneficial, purposeful, give insight, supports

growth. It’s trash. 


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