The Mountain Top View

I recently had the opportunity to spend an entire week in the mountains of West Virginia. The next few writings are simply reflections on that time in the mountains. There were some things I saw there that gave me a different perspective on what I see where I live.

We were in the mountains a few days and we had begun painting a house that sat on a hill in the mountain. After we began painting on the second day it began to rain. We worked as long as we could in the rain but when the rain became to heavy we moved to another project. The other project was inside so it just made sense to pack up and head to the different location. The other project was sinking floor and a safety issue. The sinking floor project was located a few miles away from the home on the mountain top. The new project was located in the valley.

Here’s what I learned…. That while it is good work to do on the mountain top, there is a great need in the valley. The rain that fell was a gentle reminder of the work that’s needed in the valley. There are people in the valley that need help from the people from the mountain top. In the valley it’s sometimes hard to see the mountain top, in the valley it’s hard to have a mountain top mentality. This is exactly why the people from the mountain top are to come to the valley and bring mountain top character, mountain top love, mountain top peace, mountain top joy.

Remember this… Everyone who lives on the mountain top will have their fair share of time in the valley, but we must remember that our job in the valley is show somebody in the valley the way to,  and a glimpse of the mountain top by what we do.