Is Chivalry Dead?

I would say yes, there is still a need for men to be chivalrous. I know it may sound old-fashioned but, there is still a need for us to open doors, pull out chairs, to carry bags. There is still a need for us to walk closest to the traffic in public. There is still a need for us to be the provider and protector, the need still exist. If you ask me, I believe now more than ever before.
Chivalry is not about going thru the motions for appearance’s sake. Your chivalry can’t be a symbolic public gesture that’s not reinforced privately. Chivalry is the outward expression of thoughts and feelings expressed with simple gestures.
News Flash: To provide and protect is not about having the larger income, the biggest ego, the loudest voice, or having a physical and emotional presence of domination.
You see public chivalry is an extension of the private relationship. It says that I place you before me. It’s saying I will open doors to new opportunities for you. I will close doors to limit your exposure to unnecessary elements. I will stand on the outside so that any harm that comes to you has to go thru me first. I will lift and carry things regardless of the weight so it doesn’t burden you. I will pull out chairs and seat you first so you will know that I will work to make a place for your comfort first. Chivalry is deeper than it appears on the surface.
*Please note that Chivalry is the work of a gentleman (better said a gentle man). Any guy can perform in public or the surface activities, but only a gentle man will perform the private work.
Somehow we traded Chivalry for Rivalry. Keep Chivalry Alive!
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