The Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full


Over the years I have heard that this small matter of perspective has significant meaning. A glass that is half full will look one way to some and another way to others. For example, the person who has a tendency to worry would see the half full glass a reason to panic. Their perspective is that the contents are almost gone and they must preserve what is left. 

Then there are those who are satisfied with the glass having whatever contents in them at all. They are content as long as the glass has something in it. However, when the glass goes empty their attitude towards it is “that’s just the way it goes”. 

My perspective is somewhat different. My wife calls me the eternal optimist. Yes, I am an optimist; the dictionary defines us as individuals who see the bright side of everything. We are the people who believe that anything is possible even when it looks impossible. We are the people who have hope when circumstances seem hopeless. I simply believe that our perspective (the filter through which you view everything) of circumstances is vital to our attitude and behavior in the common circumstance among us called life. 

I only see a full glass. When you think about it, the glass is always full. Consider that the glass is half full of useful contents and half full of contents that cannot be used at the moment. A glass half filled with water is 50% water and 50% air, which means it, is full. Whatever the ratio, you have a full glass. I tend to view it as a glass that is half full of potential. (This next part will sound crazy, but allow me to explain it) I am always excited about the potential of the glass because the contents that will fill the glass with useable contents are unknown at the moment. Whenever it is unknown, there is the possibility of the amazing. I am always excited by the fact that the remaining contents of my glass could be filled with amazing contents that far exceed what I expect, believe and know. So when you look at your glass and it is missing a %, learn to see it as the potential for the amazing. 



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