The Gift We Are Given Each Day


The Gift

There is a story that told about a father’s birthday gift to his 18 year old son. There was a father who had been searching for the perfect gift for his son’s birthday. He searched and searched for the present that would express his love, dreams and ambitions for his son. He wanted something so special that his son wouldn’t soon forget the gift he received. Then one day while he was out looking he found it and it was perfect, it was the gift that said everything he wanted to say. So the father so excited about the gift hand wrapped the gift himself and put a bright colored bow on it. When the son’s birthday came the father left the gift for him on the kitchen counter. When the son came down stairs that day and saw the gift sitting on the counter he rushed over and ripped the wrapping off and opened the package and almost immediately a wave of disappointment came over him and then he began to get down right angry because the present was not what he expected, it wasn’t what he felt he deserved. Before his father arrived home he began to complain about the present to his siblings, to his friends and to anyone who would listened. He was upset and decided he would share his feelings with his father. Later that evening when the father returned home he couldn’t wait to see what the son thought of the present. To the Father’s surprise his son was very disappointed with the gift. The father began to explain the gift choice to his son. He said, Son I know that the present may not be what you expected, it may not be what you wanted but it’s MY gift to you. I didn’t choose the present based on what you wanted or expected, what I gave you was not what you wanted or expected but I gave you what you needed because in giving you what you need expresses my love, my ambition, my hope for you.

How ofter are we like this son? How often do we overlook or discard the present we have been given, because it wasn’t what we wanted, it wasn’t what we expected, it wasn’t what we asked for. furthermore it wasn’t even wrapped the way we like. We would never act like this son would we?

If you have ever met someone who’re complaining the first thing in the morning, they are unhappy with yesterday’s events any other day prior. Here’s the thing, everything that you have is a gift. You are not entitled to it, but it was given to you by your Father not because you wanted or expected i,t but because he know’s your need. See when you complain about what you don’t have or what you have lost, you minimize what you have. You overlook what he has given you.