The Fave Five Movie List

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There are many of you know that I spend quite a bit of time on a new self broadcast application called Periscope. The app allows you to live broadcast your world, up close and personal. I am on Periscope on a show that runs Monday thru Friday around 7am each morning. However, today we, which is the Periscope family, gathered to discuss our top five movies or our Fave Five. So, what I want to do is share the list of movies that were on some of the scoper’s list. The comment section will be open for anyone to share your fave five.

One of the goals of this, was to give exposure to movies we have never seen, or even heard of before. To me this is very cool, since I am a movie buff. So, share your fave five and we may find a new fave or even be reminded of an oldie but goodie. Below are my five with a few honorable mentions:

1. The The Matrix




2.The Bucket List 


























3. The Adjustment Bureau



4. Avatar





5. The Bourne Identity


Honorable Mentions

The Judge



Love Jones