The #1 Reason A Set Mind Matters

Set Your Mind!

“You can do anything you set your mind to” these are the words I heard so many times from my mother. The strange thing about this saying is that I am, some 30 years older and only now am I beginning to get a grip on what she was meant. What does it mean to set your mind to something? I used to be under the impression that setting your mind and making a decision was the same thing. It is true, it does require a decision, but that’s not the whole story. Having a set mind as I now come to understand is about a commitment to the course that is derived from the decision. The foundation of a set mind is the decision upon which the rest of the structure will rest.

Why is a set mind important? I believe it is at the core at any level of success. I remember hearing Elon Musk, the billionaire and innovator stated that as a child that he was determined to impact the world in a positive manner. Is it true that even a child can have a set mind? Yes, making decisions supported by consistent action is something even a child can do. To be truthful, it is something everyone should do with a little more analysis into each decision. 

The #1 reason a set mind matters are because it determines the mindset. I know you are thinking…are they not the same thing.? They are not, but they are related. A set mind is having a determination to accomplish or acquire something specific. A mindset is different because it is the attitude and actions that dictates the approach and response to situations, especially adversity. It is as if the set mind is choosing the direction and the mindset is taking the journey all the while controlling the attitude towards it. When we see people with very specific success, it is important to know that there mind was set on a specific success.