The Surrender Solution




I have spent a lot of time watching movies that are framed around war and conflict. I find in every war and conflict,  it doesn’t seem to matter what side you are on, whether you are the aggressor or the defender both sides recognize the sign of surrender. Surrender is often brought about when one party or the other recognizes their cost associated with the outcome, is too great a price to pay. It is often signaled by waving the white flag, kneeling in a submissive position, disarming yourself in an armed combat. In a conflict everyone knows the signs of surrender.

What is it to surrender? Surrender is giving over your power and your position over to another party. Rarely is surrender thought of as an offensive strategy. I want to suggest to you that the reason you may (feel) you are losing the fight is for this very reason. You think that you can work it out, you can fix it, and I want to tell you that you are right. What you’re missing is that you’re using the wrong strategy; you are using the wrong tactics. You may think that an offensive attack will do it but it will not, because it can’t.  *** ALL CONFLICT is derived from a spiritual root but has a physical manifestation, we cannot hope to resolve or conquer physical manifestations with physical solutions.  See Ephesians 6:12
Here’s the takeaway, when you’re facing obstacles and challenges, your best option is to surrender. Surrender? Yes, surrender.  Surrender is the key to bypassing the physical manifestation of the conflict to work on the root cause. Let me say it this way, when you respond to physical challenges with physical approaches you only treat the illness, when you respond to the physical with the spiritual you cure the illness. So what do you really want? Do you want a treatment or do you want a cure. The cure comes in the form of surrender. It’s not until you wave the white flag, get in a kneeling posture, give your power and position over to another, it is at this very point you have turned the tide in the conflict in your favor. See 2 Chronicles 20:15
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