“Run On”

Run On


One day while running with some friends I had an odd experience. When we began to run I had already set in my mind how far I was going to go. In my mind I had set a mile marker at which I was going to quit. Once I reached my personal mile marker my friends kept on running. I thought I knew what my limits were, I knew how far I could run, but still they kept on running. At the point I would have stopped their “Running On” encouraged me to “Run on”. I learned something very important in this illustration that leads me to ask. Who are running with? What kind of runners are they?


As you run the road of life. It is important who you run with because it can determine if you reach your full potential or not. If you run with someone who has a very different goal, a very different direction, a very different purpose from that of yours. You run the risk of ending up short of your goal, lost, confused and possibly ineffective in your efforts.


Once you are sure of who you are running with. You must then determine what kind of runner they are as it relates to you. Some are sprinters, they come on fast and with fervor but are only conditioned to run short distances. They will give it all they have but it won’t be long before they are finished running. Then you have the relay runners, who in some ways just like a sprinter but their purpose is different. They run a short distance but their goal is to support the race by running their section well. They will support you and cheer you on as they pass the role of support to someone else to run the next leg of the race all the while sharing in your triumphs and challenges. The relay runner is invested long after they have run their leg. Then you have the marathon runner. These are the people who will run with you to the end. They will push you to go beyond your limits, they will challenge you to run when you think you should quit. The marathon runner will encourage you by simply running the race, beside you, just ahead of you, even behind you if that is what it takes to encourage to exceed your own self set limits. The marathon runner will run with you to the end.


So while you are running this race of life, it is imperative that you know who is running with you and what kind of runner they are. When you know who is running with you and their purpose for running. You too will be encouraged to “Run On”.


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