“Run On” Part 2

I just returned from a 2.37 mile run. i am sitting here trying to catch my breath and focus enough to type this post. I write this post as a part two of a Motivational Moment-Titled “Run On”. As I was our running today I remember that over a year ago I was running with my friends and I was able to run 3.6 miles. I never dreamed I would or could run that far. But I remember that I had friends with me that encouraged, pushed me, challenged me to run longer than I have ever run.

When I started back running I started at a 1 mile and now I am up to 2.37 but I have had to work my way up to this alone. Then it suddenly dawned on me that there are patches of this road of life you will have to take alone. There won’t be any people with you to hold your hand, they won’t be there to tell you that you can do it. It will be on you to run, it will be up to you to run.

Here’s the takeaway…. When you are running the road alone, you must find something that encourages, pushes you, challenges you to run on. When you find it, use it to run the stretch you have to run alone. “Run On”