Life Class

Oprah has an interesting series of stories where she interviews well known people about their life and experiences. She often ask probing and prompting questions that will help facilitate the sharing of a personal story or a significant life lesson.

As this year comes to a close I want to ask a few simple probing and prompting questions, as they pertain to your life. I would like you to keep in mind that life is indeed a classroom. If we are paying attention we should be learning something in this class. It’s like any other class it is filled with tests, pop quizzes and assignments. Just like any other class you can go to sleep in this class and miss some important content. So like any other class, it is essential that you are paying attention. Are you?

The intent of this blog post is for you to comment and summarize your year in Life Class.

Question: What did you learn in this year that is significant and essential to every year of your life after this one?

Question: Is it or why is it important to share this life lesson with someone else?