The Life Channel

Has life become a spectator sport for you? Does your conversation consist only of what other people have done or what they are currently doing? In most cases a spectator doesn’t have a position to impact what they are watching. I believe that all of us should tune into our own life channel. What’s on our life channel? What new challenge is on your life channel? Are you doing something more than spectating? I am always amazed at the number of extremely gifted people who don’t use their gift/talent. It seems that most people are ashamed of what they have or they are worried that when people know what they can do they may actually ask you to do something with it. What if Baldwin never wrote? What if Ella didn’t sing? What if James didn’t dance? What if Gabby didn’t………

To be something you must do something. It’s better said this way singers sing, dancers dance, writers write, leaders lead, communicators communicate effectively and civil servants serve with civility.

Let’s do more than watch others, lets tune in to our own Life Channel.

Motivation One Moment At A Time