A Perspective Poem About Life

I Lived!



All of my days have come and went

But what matters now is how my life was spent

What did I do?

Where did I go?

It was never for me to tally

But for the world around to know.

So here they are today

Somber, dressed in black what will they say?


The pain is real and all the tears have been cried

They gather on this to say their goodbyes

They gather because I died?

I beg to differ

They gather because I lived!

I lived a life of sharing, I lived!

I lived a life of caring, I lived!

A life of love and generosity, I lived!

A life of peace and patience, I lived!

So when you gather and reflect

Don’t let this one fact, fall to neglect

I Lived!

I Lived!


By E.N.Howie


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